About TE Massage

Therapeutic Essentials


Therapeutic Essentials began in March 2017 with a desire to help others maintain a healthy lifestyle by improving functionality of the human body, positively influencing the cardiovascular, respiratory, and lymphatic systems, and enhancing the mind’s natural “feel good state” for an overall improved quality of life.


Every massage is tailored to fit the needs of each person in our care, using a blend of various techniques and modalities including Precision Neuromuscular Therapy, Myofasical Release, Trigger Point and Cupping Therapy along with the flow of Swedish Massage. Keeping the appropriate pressure in mind, from light to deep, our focus is to help restore balance to the body. All massages, if appropriate, are enhanced with Magnesium for a boost in muscle recovery and comes complimentary with Aromatherapy.

Crystal Blevins

 Licensed Massage Therapist

 Certified Cupping Therapist

Crystal graduated from the Professional Massage Training Center of Springfield, Missouri in 2009, completing a 900-hour program to obtain her Missouri Massage Therapy License. Although her foundation is in the core techniques of Swedish Massage with an extended study in Doug Nelson's Precision Neuro-Muscular Therapy program, Crystal also specializes in cupping massage. She was certified through I.C.T.A. in 2019 and since then routinely uses cupping in correlation with massage. Today she is the Owner and Manager of  Therapeutic Essentials Massage. 


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