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Monthly Credit/Debit Card Withdrawal
6 Month Commitment  ~  Month to Month Thereafter

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Terms for Membership

  • A 6-month term continuing thereafter from month to month until membership cancellation.

  • A valid credit card is required on file always and will be charged monthly on the selected date.

  • Credit card information will be securely stored electronically through Stripe card processing and any emails received will be regarding your monthly massage subscription. A $1.00 hold will be placed on your credit/debit card by Stripe as it is being verified and then it will be removed.

  • Maintaining current and accurate information on file such as mailing address, phone number, credit card information, and medical history. An email on file is required for membership subscription and all membership updates will be sent out by this method.

  • Accumulated massages may only be used while membership is active and in good standing.

  • Membership subscription massages may not be split into different time increments nor be "pre-used" before their subscription date and are non-transferable. Any additional massages received between withdrawal dates will require payment at time of service and the membership subscription will continue as scheduled.

  • Massage subscriptions are billed within 24 hours of the 1st or 15th of each month. Massages will then be available for use on the following day.

  • Only 1 missed appointment is waived per year, thereafter a 100% inconvenience fee of the missed appointment will be applied. The same stands for cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment.    




  • Cancellation/termination within the initial 6 month term incurs a $50 fee.

  • A cancellation form must be signed within a 10-day notice or scheduled withdrawals may still occur and all accumulated massages will expire 30 days for the last scheduled withdrawal.

  • Membership may be canceled during the 6-month term free of charge if the member moves further than 30 miles from the facilities location then where they are currently living, in which verification of changed address is required.

  • Automatic termination will occur if a valid credit card is not on file within 10 days of a declined payment (the time between is considered a non-active membership0 or for any misconduct or lewd behavior on the premises and all accumulated massages will expire immediately.

  • Terminated members may apply for a new membership 6 months after the termination but membership will be left to the discretion of Therapeutic Essentials LLC and the $50 termination fee (if applicable) will be required.

  • Rejoining membership requires a new 6-month term.


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